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Two scented luxury candles from the CROP range at LA Bougie. These candles carry tones of cocoa, patchouli and pink peppercorn (Whiskey Scent) and of course the nostalgic scent of Christmas (Douglas Fir). Plus many others from 'Rain, Earth, Gin, Gorse).

Crop candles have a burn time of over 30 hours and are created by expert perfumer Lucy Hagerty of La Bougie in Kinsale Cork.


You will receive a gift pack of TWO CANDLES wrapped in personalised ribbon at the VERY reduced rate of EUR11 each.. (random scents will be sent while this offer lasts) -- Trust us they are all gorgeous.


Teamed with our personalised satin ribbon it's the perfect gift for colleague/friend/secret santa etc.

(Normal RRP €16 EACH so great value this year).

La Bougie Crop Natural Soy Candles - Two Pack

  • Product Highlight: 
    'Crop' is an amazing range of soy candles made in Co. Cork. The fragrances are inspired by, and celebrate, ireland's produce. the grass candle's scent will put you in mind of the scent of freshly cut damp grass, with hints of cassis, grapefruit and basil and with a burn time of at least 30 hours, you can enjoy this candle for hours and hours and hours. 

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