Memory Bears are keepsake teddy bears made from clothing and belongings with sentimental value to you. Clothing include shirts, skirts, wedding dresses, uniforms, t shirts, trousers etc.

They are made usually made in remembrance of a loved one or as a keepsake to pass from one generation to another. In making a memory bear, old clothes are transformed into a beautiful and comforting bear.

Memory Bears make excellent sympathy gifts, in memoriam gifts and bereavement gifts. During times of loss and grief, they can offer great comfort. 

You can drop your clothing items to us at our studio in Cobh Thursday / Friday / Saturday 10 - 2.m. Please text us before you call down on 087 146173. 


Prices range from EUR35 (Using shirts/sheets and large items of clothing. EUR45 (using lots of different items of clothing eg. babygrows, children's clothes).  


Disclaimer: My keepsake bears are NOT designed or intended for use as a toy as they are decorative keepsakes. Because of the individual make-up of each bear they can’t be CE approved and as such do not comply with any toy safety guidelines. Beacauce of this they not deemed safe for use as a toy by Law.  They are not designed or intended for use in play by children under 14 years of age.  Each keepsake is  carefully stitched with the utmost care and attention with a domestic sewing machine with some sewing done by hand . Safety plastic eyes are used and often beads and buttons (which come from the original garment supplied) that can be swallow hazards if they fall off. We do not accept any liability for the improper use of these decorative keepsakes.  

Keepsake Memory Bear - Personalised

Bear Range:

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