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Have a keepsake made from a loved ones clothing. This handmade keepsake holds a sentimental significance and serves in a way to preserve memories whether they be babies first year, a special event, school uniform for gradution gift or to honour the memory of a loved one.

Just send us a few items of clothing and we will make you a Teddy, Bunny or Cushion.

Childs Clothing  Please supply 5 items (eg. babygrows, blankets etc)

Adults  Clothing  Please supply 3 items (eg. shirts, aprons, pjs etc.)

Cushion: Please supply 3-4 items or a larger selection if you want a more varied look.

All items are EUR50 each. Place your order to secure your slot as we have limited capacity. 


Send clothing to: Great Island Embroidery, Santa Barbara, Norwood Grove, Cobh, Co. Cork. P24XY00.



  • This is a keepsake and not intended as a toy or play item. Occasional use, ornamental value. Due to the nature of the item it is not safety tested so please treat accordingly.

    We do not recommend you wash the item, wipe clean. 

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