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Cuddling, playing and learning: sigikid soft dolls are cuddly soft and playfully promote the child's imagination, motor skills and dexterity.

The soft fabric dolls take little girls' hearts by storm and are fun for everyone. With their size of 24 cm, they are ideal as the first cuddly and play doll for babies from 6 months old.  (Size: 9.45" l x 3.15" w x 2.36" h)


The charming textile dolls are soft filled with polyester wadding and carry granules in the body, which makes them sit great too. The plastic granules are sewn into an additional cotton bag to ensure the beads stay in place. The doll with two braided brown braids and attached orange-and-white striped headscarf has a green dress with hearts on it. 


Personalised with child's name. Gift wrapped with satin personalised ribbon. No receipts included. Doll arrives in a cardboard display box and cellophane gift wrap.

Sigikids Soft Green Doll - PERSONALISED

€24.95 Regular Price
€14.97Sale Price
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