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Post Covid-19 in Cobh

With the virus receding it's time to concentrate on business and now more than ever we aspire to creating beautiful gifts with gorgeous packing and friendly payment options. You can now text and order on 087 1461673. Just type what you would like to order and we will proceed - just before it goes out to you we send you an easy to use payment link by text. It's simple to use and very handy.

The shop in Cobh is closed as there are insane roadworks going on at the moment and the town is barely accessible. It's easier to close the doors for now, work from home and then meet at the shop for collection at a safe and convenient time. Rest assured we will be open once the virus and roadworks are well behind us. So it's onward and upwards and we are busy busy busy.

Thanks for all your support as we all get used to this 'new normal'.

In the meantime our gorgeous dolls from IMAJO are back in stock this week and we can't wait to start personalising.

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